Why Do Girls Like Bad Boys? Secrets Revealed!

Well, You must be thinking why are bad boys considered attractive and hot by most girls?. So, this is a mystery which I will try to solve myself now, because honestly I am not familiar with the reason or the “causes” of this phenomenon either.

However, one thing I know for sure: we all love these bastards, including myself and if you want to talk about reasons, the conclusion is something that, in the back of your head, you probably are aware of, but you haven’t realized it yet.

The thing is no girls want a “puppy” as a boyfriend or husband because if I would’ve wanted a dog, I could’ve just bought one. Girls dream about this rebel, rock star-looking fellow who defies all social rules just to show his testosterone, an alpha male!

Why Do Girls Like Bad Boys?

bad boys

Because girls are not into easy fights, they just want to choose the rockier path, they want to struggle while the bad guy it’s making everything even more difficult. Only then, girls can admit they had it.

When it comes to nice guys, the situation it’s exactly the opposite: these want a serious relationship right from the beginning.

They mind their own business, they are careful and genuinely interested in you, they don’t arrive home late without red lipstick on their collar.

So, my point this: where’s the thrill?

Well, the thrill simply does not exist and their extremely bored girlfriends end up, most of the times, becoming the bad guy themselves and by that, I’m talking about: cheating, lying and looking for more exciting things to do.

Most times, these girls do everything listed above with a bad boy.

However, after everything is being exposed, these ladies end up alone, in tears, dressed in Hello Kitty pajamas while engorging ice cream.

So, my advice is: don’t be a good or bad girl

Be a smart girl. Choose a good boy from the start, instead of choosing a rock star and spend the rest of your life fighting with your wild stallion, struggling to convince him to get his life together.

So, what’s the problem here? Have we formed a wrong idea on how a REAL MAN should be/look?

  • Bad guys are confident and bossy: they know exactly who they are and they don’t care about others people’s opinion. They are true and confident, feature labelled by most women as very sexy. Bad boys don’t have to look like supermodels. Some may look strange and women still find it attractive.
  • For most women, a bad guy is a challenge: we all like challenges, mostly the female side. Women will overcome any obstacles and will make great efforts to solve the “mystery”.
  • Women are constantly trying to change a man: it’s in their nature!
  • Women are attracted to the idea that a bad boy can be changed. Even though this will never happen, a woman will always try because he will eventually become an important part of their life. Good boys are already perfect and should not be “repaired”, which is boring.
  • Bad guys are interesting, they do interesting things
  • If you do everything by the rules and let others tell you what to do, you will inevitably become boring. Things are never boring when you are in the company of such a fellow.
  • Bad guys will never allow anyone to mess with them.
  • Many women say they do not like conflicts, but this is not true. In the back of their head, every single woman walking on this Earth will be happy to know their boyfriend is willing to start a fight just to protect her at any time.

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