“Truth or Dare” Question For Adults to have Crazy Night!

You probably wondered so many times how to create this memorable night of passion, especially if you are involved in a longtime relationship and you need to spice things up.

Who would’ve thought the same game you loved playing during your childhood will come in handy? “Truth or Dare” the version for adults will offer you the chance to get to know your partner a little bit partner, especially from a “sexual” point of view.

However, it’s good to know that a “Truth or Dare” challenge will keep you interested and focused only for a period, so you may want to use it more as an intro and after you obtain those “precious information” that your boy or girl refused to share, take advantage of them to explore other areas.

“Truth or Dare” Questions the “adults” Version


By going over this issue, when you decide to get into it, you’d better be doing it with another couple or even a group of couples.

It can be very fun, as long as you know exactly where to stop.

Surely it will excite you to see another couple who kisses you in front of you or whispering to each other all kinds of steamy details.

However, for some people playing the game with just one very friendly couple, it’s much easier to establish the limits of the game from the very beginning, in order to avoid things from becoming embarrassing and keep the intimate gestures without limiting yourself.

As a general tip, if you decide to play “Truth or Dare”, take it easy and if you are not sure about this, don’t do it.

Do not play the game in very intimate situations, making others feel embarrassed.


So, make a list of those questions for your boyfriend or girlfriend which will help you to know each other better and, why not, to figure out if you’re compatible or not!

  1. Where and with whom you had your first kiss?.
  2. Describe a situation when you both felt so sexually aroused that you had sex in public.
  3. What is the part of the body that you most like to your partner?.
  4. What should your partner wear during a steamy night?.
  5. How does your partner look in the genital area?.
  6. What are your sexual fantasies?.
  7. Describe your beloved breasts and nipples in the smallest detail.
  8. What is the last person you’ve stripped of?.
  9. What’s the most daring sex gesture you’ve ever done / What’s the weirdest sex act you let go of?.
  10. Has anyone ever seen you missing someone else than your partner / Has anyone caught the eye on you, surprised to be naked?.

So you must be thinking what next?

If the game was fun and you guys are laughing, you should obviously take it to the bedroom.

This game, “Truth or Challenge” may seem humiliating at first, but it’s super fun once you try it.


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