How to Pick Up Girls Without Looking Like an Idiot

Every single man or, most men, develops and perfects over time his own and best technique of picking up “broads”. If you believe you are far away from achieving this “performance”, maybe you should start considering the following tips listed in this article.

Whether the situation is awkward, maybe you’re not hanging in the right spots, maybe you are not using the right lines, maybe you don’t approach the right attitude or maybe you are simply trying with the wrong girls.

How to Pick Up Girls Without Looking Like an Idiot

This 100% Sounds Like Something Men Would Say

Before revealing our methods in terms of sparking a girl’s interest, let’s talk a little bit about the things you might be doing wrong:

Don’t try to hook up with a girl who is accompanied by more than two girlfriends: these girls are out to have some girls time, gossip and do girl stuff.

You will do nothing but interrupt them.


P.S.: the rule applies only if they are laughing and looking like they’re having a good time.

In addition, before approaching her, make eye contact and smile.

If she avoids looking at you, then things are pretty clear and you should back up or try somewhere else. Please, stop using those embarrassing pick-up lines or clichés, because you will not obtain anything but the humiliation of becoming her joke.

Just be natural, don’t try too much and go with the flow. Stay cool until you get that relaxed attitude, detached but yet interested and fun.

If everything is clear for you now, I guess that we are to proceed to the original subject.

  • Direct Approach

Spare us from those humiliating replies. All you have to do is to become detached, seem interested and smile. Ask her if she wants something to drink, then follow her reaction.

  • Ask Her if She Wants to Dance

It’s better than staying there like a dead person and bore the hell out of her.

  • Go Out with Your Female Friends, You Might be Surprised by the Results

Apparently, girls feel more attracted to the guys who hang out with other girls, especially if his female friends are laughing so hard at his jokes.


  • Use the “Advice” Tactic: Pretend Like You Want to Find Out Some Details About, Well, Anything.

Meanwhile, compliment her and start a conversation.

  • Use the “Pet” Strategy: If you are a Dog Owner, Don’t be Ashamed to Admit you have Used your Furry Friend to Pick up Pretty Girls.

It’s inevitable! Whenever a pretty girl starts playing with it, you apply your “magic”: it’s textbook!

  • Win the Rest of her Friends

If, during your “sexual safari” you going for the most beautiful “antelope” of the heard, it would be wise to never underestimate the herd’s instincts.

Her best friends are already aware of your intentions, so make sure you also win them before you make the next move on your target.

  • The Smoking Area

If you’re looking for a hook-up, the best place to start a convo is the smoking area. If you’re not a smoker, you better become one for tonight. It’s totally worth it because, there, everyone else is doing the same thing and while they smoke, an exciting way of killing time it’s always welcomed.

So, make sure you have a lighter.

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