How to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work

Almost everyone had, at one point, a long-distance relationship so, you guys must know, these relationships tend to not last, even though they seem so exciting and promising at first.

Why is that so?

What is the reason why some of these relationships don’t last for more than a few weeks, while others turn into engagements and even marriages? Long-distance relationships have both drawbacks and advantages: for some people, distance means the ability to evolve at your own pace.

How to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work

As for the disadvantages, it is obvious: it is frustrating not to have as much intimacy as you want or not to touch that person whenever you need it.

On the other hand, these disadvantages compensate in a way: it is less quantitative but more qualitative and your meetings will be much more intense than if you were seeing each other each and every day.

  1. Future plans

You need to know where this is heading and if there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. In case you plan on getting married or starting a family, there are two options: either you move with him, either he moves in with you.

  1. Regular get-togethers

Once a month, at least. Plan your appointments in advance and set up some nice activities: go to a nice place, visit museums, cities. Transform these encounters into special little holidays.

  1. Use technology to maintain your relationship healthily

E-mail, Skype, Yahoo Messenger and other messaging services – benefit from the fact that you live in the third millennium.

  1. Take a free day when you’re upset

The lack of physical interaction can sometimes become very frustrating. Instead of burying all your frustration, take a break from the texting and Skype conferences routine.

This is something momentary and it’s mostly caused by the fact that you are sick of communicating through all these means but without seeing each other in person.

  1. Don’t become jealous!

If you trust him/her, you must know that your partner will never cheat on you and this is all in your head. Being jealous while you’re involved in a long-distance relationship is not the best combination. Maybe this is not even for your, but you haven’t realized it yet.

  1. Avoid “dangerous” situations!

Trust is essential in these situations. If you trust your partner and your relationship, then you can freely enjoy your freedom. But you must know that there are limits: you cannot see other men or women if you ask for faithfulness in return.

  1. Do not lose your faith

Many will tell you that long-distance relationships do not work, especially those who have had unpleasant experiences. Do not listen to them, because no one knows better than you what you really want in a partner.

  1. Always be positive!

If you are always suspicious and untrustworthy, you tend to misinterpret every word and generate small scandals, which it will only damage your relationship.

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