Proven Technique: How to Get a Girl’s Phone Number

I personally focused on getting the phone number and, at the same time, I found out that asking for the email address was by far much easier.

Let me explain this: I’ve perfected this art of getting phone numbers many years ago: if a woman is alone, I turn to her and, in less than a minute, I manage to get her phone number. However, I realized later, after working as a crazy scientist to perfect my technique, getting the digits doesn’t represent the mission is complete.

How to Get a Girl’s Phone Number

You see, women have different reasons for giving their phone number

Some seek for attention and they love having a man who always calls them, while others refuse to follow the same technique from the first minutes. The third option is the ones who are really interested, but something else that I have learned throughout my experience is the fact that women act differently on the phone than they are in reality.

When you call a woman for the first time, they are most of the times anxious, nervous and if they don’t like what they hear, they will probably try to ditch you. I found out that getting the email address is not only easier, but you get by far more positive answers than calling her.

Another positive aspect of writing an email is that you have time to think about what you are writing. If you call, you have to be careful and select your words carefully. An email can be written anytime and can be answered at any time. And I realized that emails are receiving much more response than voice mail messages.

Proven Technique for Getting Girl’s Phone Number

Here’s what to do:

After talking to a woman for 3-4 minutes, I always say something like, “Okay, I enjoyed talking to you. I will return to my friends now. They do not know what to do next since they have been accustomed to being the ones who say this.

Then I leave, just to disconnect myself from her, but I get back and ask: “By the way, can I have your phone number?”. Most of the times they say yes and to add an extra drop of mystery, I provide her with a pencil and ask kindly if she writes her number down on a napkin.

However, when it comes to asking their email address, they believe the risk is smaller… so they think, “Okay, I’ll give him my email. What can possibly happen?”.

Meanwhile, in order to create a more relaxed atmosphere make a joke like: “Okay, you can start writing your real number now… I will not call you more than nine times a day”, they laugh and the mission is almost complete.

Remember, all you have to do is ask!

Like I said, I tried all kinds of stuff.

My friends ask me: “But what do I say if she asks me <<why>>?”

They never asked me “why”.

If you do this every time, ask for her number in a calm and responsible way, you will get a lot of emails and numbers.

Note: always carry a pen.

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