Best Ways to Confess your Love to your Crush

If you finally have decided to confess your love to your secret crush, although he or she does not know you so well or he/she simply sees you as one of her buddies, you must choose the right time and place.

Take the risk of rejection and learn how to confess your love/infatuation in a proper way, because if you do it the right way, you might be surprised by the results.

When it comes to women, you have to know they basically possess the ability to figure out if a man can become a suitable partner or it’s better for her to just stay friends. So, you don’t really have much time or resources to prove her that you are the right person or not, because if the feeling is not mutual from the beginning, she will know.

That’s why you have to learn how to increase your chances of getting a positive response and tell her what she really wants to hear.

Best Ways to Confess your Love to your Crush

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Plan A

The first step is to figure out why you really like him/ her. Maybe for you, it’s not that important, but specially women love asking: “Yes, what do you like about me?” and it might happen right before you tell her the truth, so you must be prepared.

Your attitude is very important

Self-confidence and optimism can become huge assets. However, don’t let that self-confidence turn into arrogance.

Plan B

Carefully chose the moment and the place

The moment you choose to reveal your feelings is just as important as the way you decide to do it. Such a confession must be private and choose a moment when you guys are alone when he/ she is not hurrying to get somewhere else.

Be careful and notice his/ her mood and don’t do it if she is sad or nervous because the outcome will not be favorable. Choose a moment where you can talk in peace, just like you do it when you guys were just buddies.


Plan C

In order to become a couple, in the first place, he or she must notice that you exist

So, my advice would be that before you make your big confession, make sure you have overcome the “invisible” stage because the chances he/she might like you become increased if you drew a little bit of positive attention.

This does not mean that you have to shake your head to impress it because this can turn against you. Give him/ her a funny reply or ask questions about trivial issues such as his/ her favorite bands.

If you are already friends and overcome the previous stage, then perhaps the main problem is that he/she does not even think that you could ever be more than friend. In this case, you have to show subtly that beyond your friend, you can be a great life partner.

The Question that often comes in one’s mind is that “I don’t know how to express my feelings”.

Shyness or fear of being rejected can paralyze someone, especially when they are trying to talk about their real feelings. In addition, while you are scared to take the next step, you are also worried that someone might step up and take the shot right in front of you because you are too afraid to do it.

Although the shortest path is the best when it comes to these situations, you don’t want to scare her or him away. That’s because if you give someone something you do not expect at all, his reaction will be spontaneous, caused by astonishment, and he will not really analyze what you said.

It is best to give him time to become accustomed to the idea, to imagine how it will be, to know you, so to gradually show him that you like him/her and not to communicate directly.

How to Kiss: Best Techniques & Tips to Kiss

You just spent the most enchanting and romantic date with your partner and realized it’s time to take her home. Your hands becme sweaty on the steering wheel as you get closer and closer to her street.

The engine stops, she flips over and smiles like she would expect something. All sorts of questions related to your first date go through your mind right now and everything basically resumed to:

“Should I kiss her in the car or on the doorstep?” or “What happens if I turn my cheek, just like I did with the last girl who tried to kiss me?”

Cheer Up!

The only thought you should keep in your mind right now is: “There’s only going to be one first kiss, so make it memorable!”. Otherwise… trust me, you are not going to benefit from a second date.

On the other hand, you don’t have to feel forced to respond to her signals, which in my personal opinion, means that you’re not that into her but you haven’t realized it yet.

How to Kiss: Best Techniques & Tips to Kiss

However, if you’re convinced that you are really into her but you’re still torn when it comes to the kissing part, you must know that postponing this might be labelled as “offensive” and it might influence the faith of whatever is happening between you guys.

Until you get yourself together and decide where is this going, here are some fun tips on how to nail the “first kiss” mission.

Notice Signals

Notice if your partner wants it or not. The most common signs are those innocent flirts, discreet touches and so on. Note that: Women will never touch a man if she doesn’t feel attracted to him.

  • The Chewing Gum Trick

She offered you chewing gum while she is walking you at home. If this happens, a kiss is being anticipated for sure. Meanwhile, she is still trying to establish a visual contact. If your eyes are the window to someone’s soul and she’s still looking at you, it’s time to get busy.

  • The Kissing “Guide”

Take it easy and don’t look at this as a challenge. Relax and let things to unfold naturally.

Women are always nervous when it comes to these moments because it’s in their nature and they want you to take control.

What happens if she doesn’t want to be kissed?

Apologize and thank her for a great evening. The apology part will represent a “plus” for your because she will start to feel bad about herself. Meanwhile, your apology will be interpreted as a sign of honesty and respect and you will also prove her that you are not that desperate about her. Laugh about this and make a joke about it in order to create a more relaxing vibe.


Intimacy is a place that we all want to reach when it comes to becoming infatuated with someone. When I am talking about this, I am not just referring to the physical part, but to that emotional side.

What does this “emotional side” have to do with kissing?. Well a lot because kissing is basically an intimate act which unfolds between two persons who are into each other.

The “Kissing Technique”

  1. Moisten your lips.
  2. Start by kissing gently before you go through with the “French kissing” part.
  3. Don’t make annoying noises. It will distract your partner in a negative way and it will ruin the moment.
  4. Don’t be rough: if you’re going to kiss her slowly, you will allow her to back off in case she doesn’t feel comfortable.
  5. Don’t exaggerate with saliva: it’s just gross.
  6. Last but not Least: don’t forget to breathe from time to time.

How to Make a Woman Laugh

If you’re a guy, you’ve probably heard this on sooo many times: “Make her laugh and she will love you!”

Women love a good sense of humor and those guys who are exactly the silliest persons on Earth, are like: “Man, I don’t know how to make this chick laugh. What am I? A clown? I am authentic when it comes to women. I don’t need this sh*it”.

In reality, these guys have no clue that making a woman laugh is the simplest way of sneaking into her heart and it’s also the easiest method of creating a more relaxed atmosphere.

For those guys who have no clue on how to make a girl laugh until she drops, there is a lot of confusion when it comes to linking humor to broads and we are here to make some light.

How to Make a Woman Laugh

First of all, you should always be yourself but with a slight dose of politeness when it comes to speaking to a woman because by being natural you might also have a huge potential of making a girl laugh without having no idea about it.

Girls love laughing and non-sexual jokes are always more welcomed than those which tend to transform a conversation into something gross. Regardless of where you are, I want to give you some crucial tips when it comes to making a girl laugh because of humor, my friend is a lethal weapon when it comes to the ladies.


Exactly, being careful is one of the most important things. The better anchored in reality, the more you see opportunities everywhere to make jokes.

See … if you’re only careful about 50% of the time, you will make good but not extraordinary jokes. That’s because the joke depends very hard on the context more than anything else.

That’s why it’s important to take into account the following:

  • The girl you are talking to.
  • The place you are in

No detail is too insignificant to go unnoticed when it comes to making a girl smile.

  • Secret #2: Also “Target” Other People

I’m referring here to the fact that it’s often easy to make fun of just one girl because you might end up to the point where all the attraction is lost.

It’s normal at first when you discover what a strong weapon humor is, and you do not know when to stop. In order to avoid the girl to feel threatened by your sense of humor, you have to learn to make fun of other people

Making fun of other people can be very exciting, especially if you just met them because it will help you to break the ice easier.

A study has proved that humor is one of the most suggestive clues when it comes to a man’s intelligence.

Many women consider intelligence to be attractive, both consciously and subconsciously, as a sign of the man’s ability to maintain a family on long-term.

The British research has shown that only good jokes, which are really tasted by women, have the desired effect.