Why Do Girls Like Bad Boys? Secrets Revealed!

Well, You must be thinking why are bad boys considered attractive and hot by most girls?. So, this is a mystery which I will try to solve myself now, because honestly I am not familiar with the reason or the “causes” of this phenomenon either.

However, one thing I know for sure: we all love these bastards, including myself and if you want to talk about reasons, the conclusion is something that, in the back of your head, you probably are aware of, but you haven’t realized it yet.

The thing is no girls want a “puppy” as a boyfriend or husband because if I would’ve wanted a dog, I could’ve just bought one. Girls dream about this rebel, rock star-looking fellow who defies all social rules just to show his testosterone, an alpha male!

Why Do Girls Like Bad Boys?

bad boys

Because girls are not into easy fights, they just want to choose the rockier path, they want to struggle while the bad guy it’s making everything even more difficult. Only then, girls can admit they had it.

When it comes to nice guys, the situation it’s exactly the opposite: these want a serious relationship right from the beginning.

They mind their own business, they are careful and genuinely interested in you, they don’t arrive home late without red lipstick on their collar.

So, my point this: where’s the thrill?

Well, the thrill simply does not exist and their extremely bored girlfriends end up, most of the times, becoming the bad guy themselves and by that, I’m talking about: cheating, lying and looking for more exciting things to do.

Most times, these girls do everything listed above with a bad boy.

However, after everything is being exposed, these ladies end up alone, in tears, dressed in Hello Kitty pajamas while engorging ice cream.

So, my advice is: don’t be a good or bad girl

Be a smart girl. Choose a good boy from the start, instead of choosing a rock star and spend the rest of your life fighting with your wild stallion, struggling to convince him to get his life together.

So, what’s the problem here? Have we formed a wrong idea on how a REAL MAN should be/look?

  • Bad guys are confident and bossy: they know exactly who they are and they don’t care about others people’s opinion. They are true and confident, feature labelled by most women as very sexy. Bad boys don’t have to look like supermodels. Some may look strange and women still find it attractive.
  • For most women, a bad guy is a challenge: we all like challenges, mostly the female side. Women will overcome any obstacles and will make great efforts to solve the “mystery”.
  • Women are constantly trying to change a man: it’s in their nature!
  • Women are attracted to the idea that a bad boy can be changed. Even though this will never happen, a woman will always try because he will eventually become an important part of their life. Good boys are already perfect and should not be “repaired”, which is boring.
  • Bad guys are interesting, they do interesting things
  • If you do everything by the rules and let others tell you what to do, you will inevitably become boring. Things are never boring when you are in the company of such a fellow.
  • Bad guys will never allow anyone to mess with them.
  • Many women say they do not like conflicts, but this is not true. In the back of their head, every single woman walking on this Earth will be happy to know their boyfriend is willing to start a fight just to protect her at any time.

How to Flirt with Girl/ Boy – Best Tips & Tricks

Flirting is just another (simple and fun) method through which two people socialize and… more. Although flirting itself is very simple, when it comes to the intentions that lie beneath and its signals, things become a little more complicated. Misunderstanding or misinterpretation of signs can lead to some embarrassing situations, so it’s important to understand how flirting works and what the real signals are.

Therefore, to understand how it works and to get the best results, you should follow the tips listed in this article.

How to Flirt with Girl/ Boy

  1. Smile

If you start a conversation with the one that you like and realize that you enjoy his/her company, most likely, smiling will interfere with an automatic and natural response.

In addition, a person who smiles is obviously more appealing than a person who is always frowned. Not just that, but the smiles will de-stress the atmosphere and turn it into a pleasant and peaceful one. So, for the flirting process to become successful when your partner smiles, you should make eye contact and smile back.

If you look into his eyes and want to feel that spark, add a smile for more charm and show your partner that you appreciate your company.

  1. Initiate a conversation

Whether you already know the person you are flirting or not, a conversation is always the best way to flirt. In the first phase, to open a conversation, you can make a small observation about where you are or the event you are attending.

What you say does not necessarily be important or profound because, after all, it’s just a pretext to flirt. If you already know the person you want to flirt with, open a conversation based on something that you both like or a shared experience from your past.

  1. Take care!

The way your potential conversation partner responds it’s extremely important, so be careful about the expression, voice, and gesture of the conversation.

If the person does not answer you, seems to be concerned about something else or seems disinterested, you must accept that she or he is simply not interested. Keep a light conversation that does not address topics that are too personal or intimate (such as your former relationships, your religion, or your financial status).

  1. Use body language

Non-verbal details can reveal much more about what you feel than words can do, so make sure your intention is being expressed by posture and gestures.

  1. Do not cross your hands or legs

Such a posture generally indicates that you want to isolate yourself from the conversation partner and that you are not interested in it or what it says.

  1. Look into her/ his eyes

It is preferable to stand face to face with your flirting partner. If circumstances do not allow you, just make sure you stay a little bit closer to her.

If you are convinced that everything is going well and that your partner is interested in you, you can even overcome the physical barrier with small touches.

  1. Make compliments!

Trust yourself and keep eye contact when you offer a compliment. If you look elsewhere and avoid (even accidentally) looking at your partner when you compliment him, you will feel like you are not honest.

Take care what compliments you do, especially if they refer to physical aspects!

A woman, for example, will appreciate if you compliment her eyes, but she may be disturbed if you tell her (too early) that she has a beautiful body. If you want to have no problems, compliment the partner’s accessories, think about it, make decisions in certain situations, or if you want to refer to the physical, offer compliments to the eyes, the smile or the hair of the conversation partner.

  1. Make sure you give 100%

If, until now, flirting has been successful and you want to know this person better, then it is time to go to the next step: dating.

Suggest an event or meeting where you think the partner would like to take part.

To receive an affirmative answer, be honest, trust yourself and do not hesitate!

How to Approach Women if You are Shy

Shyness can be, more or less, sexy but you know that saying: “Less is more”!

A shy guy might seem attractive because in some sort of way he might seem mysterious, because in the end, the less you talk about yourself, the more mysterious you look.

In reality, women like to determine these “mysterious” guys to talk about themselves, because they believe that behind that shady personality there is a wild “beast” waiting to unleash.

How To Approach Women if You Are Shy

Unlike other types of men, the shy type is different from the mere fact that he is a good guy

In contrast to other fellows who only care about themselves and their pleasures, the shy guy will never stand out with anything, no matter if we’re talking about positive or negative things.

He is the kind who worries about everything, ending up becoming a pessimist and even a paranoid

  • The shy will never make the first step when it comes to picking up chicks:
  • He is not a sociable person and hates those fancy places where the music is super loud.
  • He hates talking about himself and if you don’t have the patience to start shedding those leaves, you should probably give up.
  • On the other hand, the shy guy is most of the times governed by doubt and lack of self-confidence.
  • If by chance, you find yourself in my story, you should definitely check out this |SUPER COOL| Flirting Guide provided by a couple of experienced women when it comes to shy guys.

  • Be Confident – Although this totally sounds like a cliché, self-confidence is everything when it comes to starting a conversation. We all know this will not come naturally all the time but you must make some efforts in order to break the ice. This is super crucial in a world dominated by ladies. Drink that shot to achieve that extra-boost of bravery.
  • Don’t be afraid of REJECTION – If you’re afraid of being rejected, you will be afraid of doing this all the time. Just do it because, in the end, you have nothing to lose and stop thinking about those haunting questions. Don’t think too much and stop intoxicating your mind with nonsense: Just Do It!
    The fact that ladies love a funny guy it’s not exactly a secret. You know that a good sense of humor will always loosen up the atmosphere and nothing compares with the ability to make a woman feel good in your company.
  • Listen! – Show that you are really interested in whatever she is bumbling at the table. Ask questions and listen to her responses. Show that you are willing to open in front of her and ask for advice if it’s the case. However, be careful and don’t play the fool too much because she might not like this.
  • Win her friends – If she is with a group, try to speak with her girlfriends too and make them laugh. Friends approval is crucial when it comes to girls. If her girls are not that into you, you’re screwed!
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for her number: If everything went smooth, you have no reason to fear. Tell her that you had a great time and you would love to continue the conversation at dinner.


Best Ideas on How to Choose Between Two Guys

When you think of the idea of love, you certainly don’t want to end up in the situation of choosing between two potential partners.

Even if some might think it’s exciting to become infatuated with two guys at the same time, if you are a rational person, the reality is exactly the opposite. You have to take a lot of things into consideration when choosing between two men, and as long as you make it in a guided and instinctive way, you should be happy with your final choice.

Confused in Choosing Between Two Guys?

Here we have listed the 7 ideas that you can take into account which hopefully makes your decision into an easier task.

Analyze their Qualities 

One of the first things you have to do when choosing between two men is to analyze the positive aspects of their personalities and put them in a balance.

  • Does one of them make you laugh harder than the other one?
  • Does the other one respects and cares about you more?
  • Are they sensitive or rather pragmatic?

Decide which of these qualities resonate with you and your personality.

Analyze their Flaws

Even if you are tempted to see only the positive aspects of a person when you are attracted to it, try to take a moment to analyze their darker side, especially if you are in the position to decide if you will build a future with him or not.

If he comes with a huge emotional luggage or if he is authoritarian or manipulative and always tries to impose his point of view, it’s time to move further, sister.

Analyze their Behaviors When they are Around You

If you have to choose between two men, you should also keep in mind their attitudes whenever they hang out with you and your squad.

Even if you might be tempted to choose the one who seems to be more attracted to you (because it is a safer choice), try to consider what your best friends say, because they notice details you haven’t even seen.

Ask your friends!

If you’re undecided and you do not know which one is the best choice, ask your friends, especially those who are honest and up front.

Think About How Each One of them Makes you Feel

Even if someone has a lot of qualities, if you want to start a relationship with that person, first of all, you have to consider how it makes you feel.

Make a list

Although it may not seem like the most inspired idea, you can make a list of what you like and what you do not like about each one.

Basically, a list of pros and cons. This “list” can also help you understand what you really want from a potential partner.

Do not rush!

It is an important decision, and important decisions require time for analysis and introspection. As long as you are not totally involved in any relationship with any of these guys, you have no reason to feel guilty, because you do not actually betray anyone.

On the other hand, don’t delay when it comes to taking the big decision.

What ‘True Love’ Is?

The meaning and concept of true love inspired poems, songs, movies and epic letters, through which the world’s most notorious icons expressed their feelings. Although over the years, countless definitions of love have surfaced, most of us spend almost a lifetime wondering what this feeling actually means.

What does ‘true love’ signifies? It’s this profound feeling that can be described in numerous ways, but most times, it feels like none of these explanations are enough.

That’s because ‘true love’ is something that you cannot explain in words, it’s a constant state of well-being, of fulfilment littered with lust and happiness. Considering a so-called definition of love is, practically, impossible to sum up, we have gathered a list of inspiring ideas and fun ways people have used throughout the years during their attempts to explain what ‘true love’ is.

What ‘True Love’ Is?

  • True love is when you care more about the happiness of your better half that of yours. Although it sounds like a cliché, it’s true. If you really love a person, you want to see that person happy.
  • What does true love mean? You are willing to make sacrifices and put yourself on the second place without even blinking when it comes to helping and supporting your partner.
  • True love is when you make beautiful and romantic gestures, just because you feel so.
  • You realize that you really love someone when he or she is the first person you call whenever something negative or positive happens in your life.
  • True love is when “home is wherever he or she is”. It’s that “comfy” feeling that makes feel safe.
  • True love is when, in your heart, your partner feels like family.
  • ‘True love’ it’s that warmth that you always feel within, a constant state of tranquility.
  • Jealousy is irrelevant. You realize that you really love when only you have good and positive thoughts, without worrying that your partner will cheat on you.
  • True love is when you realize you do not need another person to be happy.
  • You truly love when you are strongly involved in that person’s life, just because he or she wants you to become a true part of it.
  • True love means accepting who you are and enjoying the ride.

Love is a mystery for those who experience it

Although we feel it, we cannot explain it. Why? Because what connects us with our better halves is inexplicable. When you truly love, you are not loving that person for its beauty or for its charisma, status or position. We love that person because we just “clicked”. Something happened when we met, something that we cannot explain and, quicker than we thought, that ‘something’ turned into a magical experience.

Nothing is written: that flame that ignites, burns, then moves to a predictable end is just a myth. Love does not follow a systematic decline, but it can change its direction. We have to accept that we cannot control our feelings and that we can go through contrasting episodes.

To love with every single cell from your body, you almost have to believe in some kind of miracle. You have to keep the fire, which can resume its magnitude and not demand the immediate satisfaction of certain desires, accept the unknown and be patient….