Love Letter Ideas: Ways to Write a Love Letter

When there was no internet or mobile phones, the only way to send a message to your love was by writing letters. Yes, I am talking about that white piece of paper, which you insert in an envelope and place it in a giant box known as “mailbox”.

In that era, you had to carefully choose your words before you start writing because, in case you made a mistake, there was no “Delete” key.

Ways to Write a Love Letter

love letter

These days, perhaps a love letter written with a pen might sound archaic, because the words are most of the times read from an email, Facebook status or text messages, without giving the people the chance of penetrating into the real meaning of our words and without getting in touch with our feelings,

Instead, a written paper retains that special magic, which a digital screen will always fail to provide.

In case you are really trying to be a romantic partner or you just want to make a sweet gesture, writing a love letter always “delivers”, just like the expression.

So, here’s some ideas “borrowed” from my teenage years, that I would personally use to write a love letter nowadays:

  • Know the Difference Between a Love Message and a Love Letter

A simple message is something “in short”. You can confess your love or you can talk about how this love it’s changing you, just a few paragraphs, which would fit into a note, sent from any device or via social media.

But a letter is something special, it’s almost like an object with its own life. A letter tells a story and not just includes a few words.

  • Adapt the Length of the Letter to the Environment you are Planning on Addressing

A letter can be read anywhere, you do not need a computer screen or other device. A letter seems more appropriate to send to a courier or a friend, depending on the situation, or after you write it, send it Via email.

  • Think Well Before Posting Your Message Publicly

It may be tempting to make your love public, using the social networks. But that person might not appreciate the fact that you have involved all your friends and relatives into this, so it’s better to keep everything between you two.

So, before you make that message public, think about the person you love. The goal is to communicate your feelings to your love rather than to make them public.

  • A Suitable Message Needs the Right Vibe

A cappuccino, a little bit of music in the background to unleash your creativity.

  • Whatever you Write, Do Not Forget to be Honest

No matter what you lay down on the paper or you type on the computer, make sure it’s 100% representing you. Do not copy the statements of others just to look interesting.

Tips to Keep in Mind Before Writing a Love Letter

  • Start by Using a Cute Nickname

It may sound very personal or it might invoke a memory. Make sure that it has no vulgar tinge and is not interpretable.

  • The First Paragraph Can Begin in a Mysterious Kind of Way

He or She must become surprised in a pleasant funny way. You can always start by reminiscing a fun story from your past.

  • The Second Paragraph is, In Fact, the Essence of Your Love Letter

Feel free to use many metaphors or to quote notorious romantics. Be careful not to be exaggerated or superficial, in the end, you trying to confess what you feel, not to write a soap opera script.

  • The Signature is also an Important Detail

Sign with a nickname that she/he has assigned you or a pseudonym and add the word “Yours” in front of the signature.

Last But Not Least, Don’t Forget to be Yourself. Now Get to Work!

How to Pick Up Girls Without Looking Like an Idiot

Every single man or, most men, develops and perfects over time his own and best technique of picking up “broads”. If you believe you are far away from achieving this “performance”, maybe you should start considering the following tips listed in this article.

Whether the situation is awkward, maybe you’re not hanging in the right spots, maybe you are not using the right lines, maybe you don’t approach the right attitude or maybe you are simply trying with the wrong girls.

How to Pick Up Girls Without Looking Like an Idiot

This 100% Sounds Like Something Men Would Say

Before revealing our methods in terms of sparking a girl’s interest, let’s talk a little bit about the things you might be doing wrong:

Don’t try to hook up with a girl who is accompanied by more than two girlfriends: these girls are out to have some girls time, gossip and do girl stuff.

You will do nothing but interrupt them.


P.S.: the rule applies only if they are laughing and looking like they’re having a good time.

In addition, before approaching her, make eye contact and smile.

If she avoids looking at you, then things are pretty clear and you should back up or try somewhere else. Please, stop using those embarrassing pick-up lines or clichés, because you will not obtain anything but the humiliation of becoming her joke.

Just be natural, don’t try too much and go with the flow. Stay cool until you get that relaxed attitude, detached but yet interested and fun.

If everything is clear for you now, I guess that we are to proceed to the original subject.

  • Direct Approach

Spare us from those humiliating replies. All you have to do is to become detached, seem interested and smile. Ask her if she wants something to drink, then follow her reaction.

  • Ask Her if She Wants to Dance

It’s better than staying there like a dead person and bore the hell out of her.

  • Go Out with Your Female Friends, You Might be Surprised by the Results

Apparently, girls feel more attracted to the guys who hang out with other girls, especially if his female friends are laughing so hard at his jokes.


  • Use the “Advice” Tactic: Pretend Like You Want to Find Out Some Details About, Well, Anything.

Meanwhile, compliment her and start a conversation.

  • Use the “Pet” Strategy: If you are a Dog Owner, Don’t be Ashamed to Admit you have Used your Furry Friend to Pick up Pretty Girls.

It’s inevitable! Whenever a pretty girl starts playing with it, you apply your “magic”: it’s textbook!

  • Win the Rest of her Friends

If, during your “sexual safari” you going for the most beautiful “antelope” of the heard, it would be wise to never underestimate the herd’s instincts.

Her best friends are already aware of your intentions, so make sure you also win them before you make the next move on your target.

  • The Smoking Area

If you’re looking for a hook-up, the best place to start a convo is the smoking area. If you’re not a smoker, you better become one for tonight. It’s totally worth it because, there, everyone else is doing the same thing and while they smoke, an exciting way of killing time it’s always welcomed.

So, make sure you have a lighter.

What You Should Avoid Doing During First Date

If you’re not involved in a relationship, going out on a first date might be fun. However, there have been cases when these encounters didn’t unfold the way they supposed to, so in order to avoid all sorts of “accidents” or embarrassing situations, here are some tips that you should take into account if you scored that long-awaited First Date.

What to Avoid Doing During a First Date

  • Never talk about your |EX|

Mentioning your ex in a very evasive way might be acceptable, especially if that relationship lasted for several years. But from making a brief mention, until you get to talk about the holidays you spent together or other nonsense, it’s too much and you should stop. So, if you don’t want your date from reaching out to you, this strategy might be a winner.

  • Avoid asking those annoying questions about plans for the future

“Where do you see yourself in the following 10 years?”, “What are your career plans?”, “Do you want children?” – this is not an interview and talking about the future during your first date is just wrong.

  • Don’t overreact to compliments

It’s okay to say like “nice shoes” or “great haircut”, but making an endless string of compliments during your first date might become… creepy. Put it like this: probably, after the first three compliments, you will think it’s ok, but not stopping with this weird habit, it will generate a strange vibe.

  • Talking about you the entire time

It’s natural to talk about yourself. You can go over the top a little bit, but don’t cross that fine line.  You can easily fall into that awkward extreme of appearing arrogant. So, don’t transform your date into a monologue because this will not end well.

  • Don’t be a picky customer

You’ll probably go out for coffee or dinner, so if you’re a picky customer, try to get rid of your weird anxious and obsessive habits during this first date.

Common sense goes a long way.

  • Don’t be late just because you think it’s cool

If you show up on time, you will actually make a good impression. The thing about it like this: why if your date would show up 30 minutes late? You will probably hate it.

  •  Do not wear too tight, too short or too high heels

First of all, you should avoid these “hacks” because you should feel comfortable with your first date with someone, not awkward and stressed. You are already a little bit nervous and you don’t want to worry about your skirt being too short while you are sitting on the chair.

  • Don’t spend the entire date on your phone

This is one of the biggest problems of the modern society and when it comes to knowing someone better, it’s really annoying. If you constantly check your phone or, worse, start texting with another friend, you will be labeled as rude.

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than struggling to entertain a conversation with a person who is paying more attention to his phone than to you.

How to Save A Long-Term Relationship

Is he/she a little bit more distant than usual?, Is your partner going through a rough time, but for some reason, he/ she refuses to spill his/ her heart?

These things don’t necessarily predict the future of your relationship but if you want to know how to react or act in these situations and to prevent your long-time partner from shutting down, you should read this carefully.

Sometimes we tend to get to become too involved in our hectic lives and avoid ignore what happens around us. Or we just simply do not pay too much attention to the ones who matter most. You may realize at some point that boyfriend/girlfriend is drifting away from you.

Busy schedules, the lack of organizing your time and the lack of attention are, most of the times, the factors that might trigger a rupture.

How to Save A Long-Term Relationship

  • Patience, patience, and patience: you will not always be that busy and you should take advantage of that free time to talk with your partner and ask him what’s wrong.
  • Nothing compares to a long-term relationship: any relationship struggles with both ups and downs, but what, in order to save your relationship from something that cannot be repaired, you need to offer and receive security. If you know you will not leave when there are problems or a more intense fight, then it is worth fighting for this relationship.
  • A relationship might die without those little quarrels: without arguing and little differences in terms of living together and getting used to each other, a relationship might die.
  • Watch out for the warning signs: notice those and identify them. Most of the times, it’s the lack of affection, humor, curiosity, and empathy in those moments when you are alone.
  • For example, your partner asks you something when you’re busy – that might leave a trail of your partner.

The solution lasts a few seconds a day: to remain emotionally close to each other, you have to offer a little bit of affection.

  • Respond with warmth whenever he or she asks you something or that goodbye kiss when one of your leaves to work.
  • Instead of that simple smooch, prolong the kiss a little bit and transform the moment into a one full of tenderness.
  • The relationship needs to be fed every day, just as you need to drink water before you get thirsty.
  • At the beginning, it’s all milk and honey and your desire to discover your partner, even more, is limitless

As the times goes by, the routine and the habits start to install and, slowly but surely, kill the passion from the bedroom.

Do not let that happen with your relationship, so here are some smart strategies that might help you  save your long-lasting relationship:

  1. “Update” those steamy nights

Most problems start with the lack of passion, so save your relationship by trying to refresh the way your moments of intimacy unfold. What would you say if you provoked your partner to have sex outdoors and took the initiative more often?

The more you try to break the monotony of the couple, the more chances you can save your relationship and make your lover rediscover your sexy, naughty side.

  1. Go on holiday away from home

When you get used to doing the same thing every day, you get to a critical point where boredom causes you to look for something new elsewhere. But NOT if you manage to figure out a strategy to prevent this naturally!

If you want to save your relationship, take your boyfriend and go on holiday, away from home, where you can do a lot of new things together. This is a simple but effective way to rediscover and get out of routine.

  1. Give him the opportunity to miss you

If you saw the movie Hall Pass, you will certainly understand what we mean. Sometimes, in order to save your relationship, you have to give your partner the opportunity to miss you. It’s enough to leave it alone for a week to make it appreciate you even more than before.

Go to your parents for a few days and give him the opportunity to enjoy some moments of freedom. If he loves you, he will not do what you think he will, but he will sleep, he’ll probably go out with the boys for a beer or something.

How to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work

Almost everyone had, at one point, a long-distance relationship so, you guys must know, these relationships tend to not last, even though they seem so exciting and promising at first.

Why is that so?

What is the reason why some of these relationships don’t last for more than a few weeks, while others turn into engagements and even marriages? Long-distance relationships have both drawbacks and advantages: for some people, distance means the ability to evolve at your own pace.

How to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work

As for the disadvantages, it is obvious: it is frustrating not to have as much intimacy as you want or not to touch that person whenever you need it.

On the other hand, these disadvantages compensate in a way: it is less quantitative but more qualitative and your meetings will be much more intense than if you were seeing each other each and every day.

  1. Future plans

You need to know where this is heading and if there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. In case you plan on getting married or starting a family, there are two options: either you move with him, either he moves in with you.

  1. Regular get-togethers

Once a month, at least. Plan your appointments in advance and set up some nice activities: go to a nice place, visit museums, cities. Transform these encounters into special little holidays.

  1. Use technology to maintain your relationship healthily

E-mail, Skype, Yahoo Messenger and other messaging services – benefit from the fact that you live in the third millennium.

  1. Take a free day when you’re upset

The lack of physical interaction can sometimes become very frustrating. Instead of burying all your frustration, take a break from the texting and Skype conferences routine.

This is something momentary and it’s mostly caused by the fact that you are sick of communicating through all these means but without seeing each other in person.

  1. Don’t become jealous!

If you trust him/her, you must know that your partner will never cheat on you and this is all in your head. Being jealous while you’re involved in a long-distance relationship is not the best combination. Maybe this is not even for your, but you haven’t realized it yet.

  1. Avoid “dangerous” situations!

Trust is essential in these situations. If you trust your partner and your relationship, then you can freely enjoy your freedom. But you must know that there are limits: you cannot see other men or women if you ask for faithfulness in return.

  1. Do not lose your faith

Many will tell you that long-distance relationships do not work, especially those who have had unpleasant experiences. Do not listen to them, because no one knows better than you what you really want in a partner.

  1. Always be positive!

If you are always suspicious and untrustworthy, you tend to misinterpret every word and generate small scandals, which it will only damage your relationship.