Best Ways to Get Over a Breakup as Soon as Possible

Don’t let those commercials and cheesy movies to fool you, it takes way more than an ice cream casserole to get over a painful separation

Moving on and putting yourself together after such a traumatic experience it’s a process in the purest sense of the word and psychologists compare this period with a mourning.

Although a few weeks after the separation occurred everything seems hopeless, you should keep in mind one thing: there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but the pain is so intense, it almost blinds you and you will not be able to see it, until you start looking at things a little bit clearer.

The most important thing is to avoid becoming a pessimist. Try to encourage yourself that everything is going to be just fine and you will that once the page is turned, everything will take a new and brighter turn. Until then, I am taking the liberty of suggesting a few “harmless” tips, which I am pretty sure it will alleviate the pain and match to your situation perfectly.

Moreover, one of these might become a “lifesaver”, because sometimes the salvation comes from an unpredictable place.

Best Ways to Get Over a Breakup

get over a breakup


  • First of All, Start by Acknowledging Everything between You and Your Ex-partner it’s Over

If you’re constantly thinking about the “what if?” situation, it’s time for you to stop. Try to skip those cliché break-up phases, such as denial or depression.

The sooner you accept what’s going on, the sooner you will get it together. Start by avoiding those places you and your ex used to frequent, stop listening to your favorite jams and, start staring at those cute, lovely heart-shaped objects and get rid of them as soon as possible if you ever want to start over, because they will do nothing but harm you even more, especially if you were the dumped one.

(Sifting through the past, will do nothing but prolong the pain)

  • Learn from Your Mistakes

Try to reminisce only the beautiful moments from your past relationship. Label the quarrels and the fights as lessons and, most importantly: don’t try to get revenge.

Beating your ex-boyfriend up will not make you feel better, on the contrary. In case you were the one who repeatedly found excuses, it’s important to look at your past relationship as a balance sheet and struggle to avoid those missteps in the future.


  • Balance your Emotions

It’s perfectly normal to think about those you will miss about him or her, after a painful break-up.

However, make sure you also spend time analyzing those parts of your past relationship that you will not miss at all because they will help you realize that you haven’t lost anything.

  • Always Rely on Your Family and Close Friends

Overcome this episode by building a stronger bond with your closest ones. Instead of going out with the same people you used to hang out when you were with your ex, you better start focusing on those who have the power to make you forget about him for a moment.

  • Set New #Goals!

Considering a closed door will always a new one, take advantage of this nasty episode to focus your extra energy and attention on new hobbies and plans.

As a long-term solution, try getting involved in projects that you have abandoned when you were with him/her. Not only that you will rediscover old hobbies, but you will also have a funnier life.

  • Hit the Gym!

We all are familiar with how working up a sweat can release some serious endorphins — Believe me! it’s almost like releasing your feelings. So, hit the gym and work it out. If you have busy schedule, you can setup your own home gym, just get some dumbbells, a pretty small treadmill for running and start working out at home.


  • Allow Yourself to Cry

If you didn’t have a moment to process this, then it’s probably time release those repressed emotions. Crying is the best method to release your emotions and there’s nothing shameful about it.

  • Think Twice Before Entering into a “Rebound”

It’s better for you to not transform “the best way to forget a former boyfriend is to replace him with another one” saying into your motto. Starting another relationship is tempting, especially if you are the kind of person who is always involved in a relationship.

It’s better to heal and to spend a little bit your time with yourself instead of experiencing another heartbreak in a short period of time.

Therefore, a break-up will always be painful, regardless of who adopts the decision to move on. Statistically speaking, each one of us experience a few breakups in life before they find their better half.

How to Get Back With Your Ex – Best Tips

You recently went through a very tough breakup but you actually regret what happened and you’re thinking about a reconciliation.

If you are hoping to get back together, according to Vixen Daily, you might want to follow these 4 Simple Steps in order to achieve positive results:

 How to Get Back With Your Ex

  1. You Must Break It Off

A strange advice? Not really. If you want to score a success, you have to give him time to realize how hard he is missing you.

You have to this for at least 4 weeks and by breaking it off I’m talking about: no calls, no texts, no stalking him on social media and stop reaching out to his friends.

If you do this, he might end up looking you before you even realize what happened. If you make the mistake of reaching out to him first, he will not answer because “you violated the rule” of offering him the right amount of space. In case you really meet by mistake, try to have a positive attitude and not talk for more than 10 minutes.

  1. Avoid these Fatal Mistakes and Follow your Instincts

The mistakes you can make after a reconciliation:

  • You are being too permissive: After a break, you will be tempted to give him whatever he wants, thinking that in this way he will be tempted to stay in this relationship.

He will “smell” your desperation and will lose respect for you and your relationship, so be you and if something bothers you, make sure you make that clear.

  • You are overwhelming him with attention: Instead of showing him much you have missed being together, you will suffocate him, and this will lead to something negative because you will do nothing but drive him away.
  • Don’t ask for mercy: This is not attractive at all! think about your dignity and always, try to be the master of the situation and stop blaming yourself for all the mistakes.
  • You are jealous if he met someone new: Of course, this can be extremely painful and annoying. However, you must know that these are “rebound” relationships and they are probably going to end soon.
  • You try to make him jealous by showing up with other men: First of all, remember that he does not need to know anything about you for at least 4 weeks. And if by chance, he learns that you’ve already begun to go out with new people, he’ll lose all the interest.
  1. Be Stronger as He Gets Weaker

Maybe you ask yourself what you have to do while you’re not talking to him.

Simple: Become stronger. Give yourself time to get to know each other better, you can even find new hobbies and that will make you busy all the time. This time will be beneficial to you and you will be able to get to know each other better.

Eat healthily, go to the gym, take care of body and soul! In the same time, friends and family can be a real support for you in this difficult time. Maybe he is doing the same thing.

  1. How will you meet when you are finally ready?

First of all, I congratulate you because you have come a long way, my friend!

Of course, this was not easy at all. How do you know if you’re really ready to meet him?

During this time, you had the chance to know yourself better, so now it’s the moment to ask yourself if you really want to do this and a reconciliation is the best thing for you.

If he has not contacted you before, after those four weeks (unlikely), it’s time to adopt another strategy!

Try texting him, by using a cute and innocent pretext.

Do not try to set up a romantic meeting, because this is not the case.

Meet in a relaxing environment and talk like two friends.