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What is love?

Can anyone define Love in a certain set of words? Nah, never, no one can ever put that feeling into words. Even if someone tries, it is only the tip of an iceberg. It is an intangible thing that we can never ever live without. At one point or the other, someone or the other will fall as a pray to it. Such is the power of Love, which not only makes us bling but also make us look stupid. But that very feeling of stupidity is we crave for, for so long enough that we do things that no other person will ever do.

By now you got a little bit of an idea regarding What is Love. But here comes the question, whether to fall in love or not. What most of them say is to fall in Love with that one person who will change your life like no one can ever change. But on the contrary, it is the game that you should never play, it is the trap that you should never fall for, it is a drug that you should never take. Just like the drugs, it also comes with severe aftermaths. Maybe more than what you can expect by taking drugs. Love is fair when everything is in your way. When something goes wrong, then it is more painful than what you have endured all these years. More painful than what you will endure in the coming years.

In any relationship, Breakup is the most dreadful thing that no one wants to hear. Though it is the best decision for one person, at the same time, it is the hardest one for the other person in a relationship. It drives that person crazy most of the times. It takes to the darkest phases in their life, where they feel like there is no point in living. Though the pain hurts like hell, it is not the right thing to do.

About ALoveStoryGame.com

Me (Megan) along with a team of 3 created A Love Story Game to help people seeking advice related to their relationship. We provide advice related to love life for a successful long lasting relationship between you and your partner.

Here we also provide post-breakup tips that will help you like no other. There are some of the best hacks listed on alovestorygame.com for anyone who is undergoing breakup phase in their life. We have tried our best only to help you out from the depression so that you can concentrate on your beautiful life ahead. There is no shame in using some of the help than to sit in a closed room for days together. Hope all our help towards you are a real worth.