How to Save A Long-Term Relationship

Is he/she a little bit more distant than usual?, Is your partner going through a rough time, but for some reason, he/ she refuses to spill his/ her heart?

These things don’t necessarily predict the future of your relationship but if you want to know how to react or act in these situations and to prevent your long-time partner from shutting down, you should read this carefully.

Sometimes we tend to get to become too involved in our hectic lives and avoid ignore what happens around us. Or we just simply do not pay too much attention to the ones who matter most. You may realize at some point that boyfriend/girlfriend is drifting away from you.

Busy schedules, the lack of organizing your time and the lack of attention are, most of the times, the factors that might trigger a rupture.

How to Save A Long-Term Relationship

  • Patience, patience, and patience: you will not always be that busy and you should take advantage of that free time to talk with your partner and ask him what’s wrong.
  • Nothing compares to a long-term relationship: any relationship struggles with both ups and downs, but what, in order to save your relationship from something that cannot be repaired, you need to offer and receive security. If you know you will not leave when there are problems or a more intense fight, then it is worth fighting for this relationship.
  • A relationship might die without those little quarrels: without arguing and little differences in terms of living together and getting used to each other, a relationship might die.
  • Watch out for the warning signs: notice those and identify them. Most of the times, it’s the lack of affection, humor, curiosity, and empathy in those moments when you are alone.
  • For example, your partner asks you something when you’re busy – that might leave a trail of your partner.

The solution lasts a few seconds a day: to remain emotionally close to each other, you have to offer a little bit of affection.

  • Respond with warmth whenever he or she asks you something or that goodbye kiss when one of your leaves to work.
  • Instead of that simple smooch, prolong the kiss a little bit and transform the moment into a one full of tenderness.
  • The relationship needs to be fed every day, just as you need to drink water before you get thirsty.
  • At the beginning, it’s all milk and honey and your desire to discover your partner, even more, is limitless

As the times goes by, the routine and the habits start to install and, slowly but surely, kill the passion from the bedroom.

Do not let that happen with your relationship, so here are some smart strategies that might help you  save your long-lasting relationship:

  1. “Update” those steamy nights

Most problems start with the lack of passion, so save your relationship by trying to refresh the way your moments of intimacy unfold. What would you say if you provoked your partner to have sex outdoors and took the initiative more often?

The more you try to break the monotony of the couple, the more chances you can save your relationship and make your lover rediscover your sexy, naughty side.

  1. Go on holiday away from home

When you get used to doing the same thing every day, you get to a critical point where boredom causes you to look for something new elsewhere. But NOT if you manage to figure out a strategy to prevent this naturally!

If you want to save your relationship, take your boyfriend and go on holiday, away from home, where you can do a lot of new things together. This is a simple but effective way to rediscover and get out of routine.

  1. Give him the opportunity to miss you

If you saw the movie Hall Pass, you will certainly understand what we mean. Sometimes, in order to save your relationship, you have to give your partner the opportunity to miss you. It’s enough to leave it alone for a week to make it appreciate you even more than before.

Go to your parents for a few days and give him the opportunity to enjoy some moments of freedom. If he loves you, he will not do what you think he will, but he will sleep, he’ll probably go out with the boys for a beer or something.