How to Kiss: Best Techniques & Tips to Kiss

You just spent the most enchanting and romantic date with your partner and realized it’s time to take her home. Your hands becme sweaty on the steering wheel as you get closer and closer to her street.

The engine stops, she flips over and smiles like she would expect something. All sorts of questions related to your first date go through your mind right now and everything basically resumed to:

“Should I kiss her in the car or on the doorstep?” or “What happens if I turn my cheek, just like I did with the last girl who tried to kiss me?”

Cheer Up!

The only thought you should keep in your mind right now is: “There’s only going to be one first kiss, so make it memorable!”. Otherwise… trust me, you are not going to benefit from a second date.

On the other hand, you don’t have to feel forced to respond to her signals, which in my personal opinion, means that you’re not that into her but you haven’t realized it yet.

How to Kiss: Best Techniques & Tips to Kiss

However, if you’re convinced that you are really into her but you’re still torn when it comes to the kissing part, you must know that postponing this might be labelled as “offensive” and it might influence the faith of whatever is happening between you guys.

Until you get yourself together and decide where is this going, here are some fun tips on how to nail the “first kiss” mission.

Notice Signals

Notice if your partner wants it or not. The most common signs are those innocent flirts, discreet touches and so on. Note that: Women will never touch a man if she doesn’t feel attracted to him.

  • The Chewing Gum Trick

She offered you chewing gum while she is walking you at home. If this happens, a kiss is being anticipated for sure. Meanwhile, she is still trying to establish a visual contact. If your eyes are the window to someone’s soul and she’s still looking at you, it’s time to get busy.

  • The Kissing “Guide”

Take it easy and don’t look at this as a challenge. Relax and let things to unfold naturally.

Women are always nervous when it comes to these moments because it’s in their nature and they want you to take control.

What happens if she doesn’t want to be kissed?

Apologize and thank her for a great evening. The apology part will represent a “plus” for your because she will start to feel bad about herself. Meanwhile, your apology will be interpreted as a sign of honesty and respect and you will also prove her that you are not that desperate about her. Laugh about this and make a joke about it in order to create a more relaxing vibe.


Intimacy is a place that we all want to reach when it comes to becoming infatuated with someone. When I am talking about this, I am not just referring to the physical part, but to that emotional side.

What does this “emotional side” have to do with kissing?. Well a lot because kissing is basically an intimate act which unfolds between two persons who are into each other.

The “Kissing Technique”

  1. Moisten your lips.
  2. Start by kissing gently before you go through with the “French kissing” part.
  3. Don’t make annoying noises. It will distract your partner in a negative way and it will ruin the moment.
  4. Don’t be rough: if you’re going to kiss her slowly, you will allow her to back off in case she doesn’t feel comfortable.
  5. Don’t exaggerate with saliva: it’s just gross.
  6. Last but not Least: don’t forget to breathe from time to time.