Love Letter Ideas: Ways to Write a Love Letter

When there was no internet or mobile phones, the only way to send a message to your love was by writing letters. Yes, I am talking about that white piece of paper, which you insert in an envelope and place it in a giant box known as “mailbox”.

In that era, you had to carefully choose your words before you start writing because, in case you made a mistake, there was no “Delete” key.

Ways to Write a Love Letter

love letter

These days, perhaps a love letter written with a pen might sound archaic, because the words are most of the times read from an email, Facebook status or text messages, without giving the people the chance of penetrating into the real meaning of our words and without getting in touch with our feelings,

Instead, a written paper retains that special magic, which a digital screen will always fail to provide.

In case you are really trying to be a romantic partner or you just want to make a sweet gesture, writing a love letter always “delivers”, just like the expression.

So, here’s some ideas “borrowed” from my teenage years, that I would personally use to write a love letter nowadays:

  • Know the Difference Between a Love Message and a Love Letter

A simple message is something “in short”. You can confess your love or you can talk about how this love it’s changing you, just a few paragraphs, which would fit into a note, sent from any device or via social media.

But a letter is something special, it’s almost like an object with its own life. A letter tells a story and not just includes a few words.

  • Adapt the Length of the Letter to the Environment you are Planning on Addressing

A letter can be read anywhere, you do not need a computer screen or other device. A letter seems more appropriate to send to a courier or a friend, depending on the situation, or after you write it, send it Via email.

  • Think Well Before Posting Your Message Publicly

It may be tempting to make your love public, using the social networks. But that person might not appreciate the fact that you have involved all your friends and relatives into this, so it’s better to keep everything between you two.

So, before you make that message public, think about the person you love. The goal is to communicate your feelings to your love rather than to make them public.

  • A Suitable Message Needs the Right Vibe

A cappuccino, a little bit of music in the background to unleash your creativity.

  • Whatever you Write, Do Not Forget to be Honest

No matter what you lay down on the paper or you type on the computer, make sure it’s 100% representing you. Do not copy the statements of others just to look interesting.

Tips to Keep in Mind Before Writing a Love Letter

  • Start by Using a Cute Nickname

It may sound very personal or it might invoke a memory. Make sure that it has no vulgar tinge and is not interpretable.

  • The First Paragraph Can Begin in a Mysterious Kind of Way

He or She must become surprised in a pleasant funny way. You can always start by reminiscing a fun story from your past.

  • The Second Paragraph is, In Fact, the Essence of Your Love Letter

Feel free to use many metaphors or to quote notorious romantics. Be careful not to be exaggerated or superficial, in the end, you trying to confess what you feel, not to write a soap opera script.

  • The Signature is also an Important Detail

Sign with a nickname that she/he has assigned you or a pseudonym and add the word “Yours” in front of the signature.

Last But Not Least, Don’t Forget to be Yourself. Now Get to Work!

Best Ways to Get Over a Breakup as Soon as Possible

Don’t let those commercials and cheesy movies to fool you, it takes way more than an ice cream casserole to get over a painful separation

Moving on and putting yourself together after such a traumatic experience it’s a process in the purest sense of the word and psychologists compare this period with a mourning.

Although a few weeks after the separation occurred everything seems hopeless, you should keep in mind one thing: there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but the pain is so intense, it almost blinds you and you will not be able to see it, until you start looking at things a little bit clearer.

The most important thing is to avoid becoming a pessimist. Try to encourage yourself that everything is going to be just fine and you will that once the page is turned, everything will take a new and brighter turn. Until then, I am taking the liberty of suggesting a few “harmless” tips, which I am pretty sure it will alleviate the pain and match to your situation perfectly.

Moreover, one of these might become a “lifesaver”, because sometimes the salvation comes from an unpredictable place.

Best Ways to Get Over a Breakup

get over a breakup


  • First of All, Start by Acknowledging Everything between You and Your Ex-partner it’s Over

If you’re constantly thinking about the “what if?” situation, it’s time for you to stop. Try to skip those cliché break-up phases, such as denial or depression.

The sooner you accept what’s going on, the sooner you will get it together. Start by avoiding those places you and your ex used to frequent, stop listening to your favorite jams and, start staring at those cute, lovely heart-shaped objects and get rid of them as soon as possible if you ever want to start over, because they will do nothing but harm you even more, especially if you were the dumped one.

(Sifting through the past, will do nothing but prolong the pain)

  • Learn from Your Mistakes

Try to reminisce only the beautiful moments from your past relationship. Label the quarrels and the fights as lessons and, most importantly: don’t try to get revenge.

Beating your ex-boyfriend up will not make you feel better, on the contrary. In case you were the one who repeatedly found excuses, it’s important to look at your past relationship as a balance sheet and struggle to avoid those missteps in the future.


  • Balance your Emotions

It’s perfectly normal to think about those you will miss about him or her, after a painful break-up.

However, make sure you also spend time analyzing those parts of your past relationship that you will not miss at all because they will help you realize that you haven’t lost anything.

  • Always Rely on Your Family and Close Friends

Overcome this episode by building a stronger bond with your closest ones. Instead of going out with the same people you used to hang out when you were with your ex, you better start focusing on those who have the power to make you forget about him for a moment.

  • Set New #Goals!

Considering a closed door will always a new one, take advantage of this nasty episode to focus your extra energy and attention on new hobbies and plans.

As a long-term solution, try getting involved in projects that you have abandoned when you were with him/her. Not only that you will rediscover old hobbies, but you will also have a funnier life.

  • Hit the Gym!

We all are familiar with how working up a sweat can release some serious endorphins — Believe me! it’s almost like releasing your feelings. So, hit the gym and work it out. If you have busy schedule, you can setup your own home gym, just get some dumbbells, a pretty small treadmill for running and start working out at home.


  • Allow Yourself to Cry

If you didn’t have a moment to process this, then it’s probably time release those repressed emotions. Crying is the best method to release your emotions and there’s nothing shameful about it.

  • Think Twice Before Entering into a “Rebound”

It’s better for you to not transform “the best way to forget a former boyfriend is to replace him with another one” saying into your motto. Starting another relationship is tempting, especially if you are the kind of person who is always involved in a relationship.

It’s better to heal and to spend a little bit your time with yourself instead of experiencing another heartbreak in a short period of time.

Therefore, a break-up will always be painful, regardless of who adopts the decision to move on. Statistically speaking, each one of us experience a few breakups in life before they find their better half.

“Truth or Dare” Question For Adults to have Crazy Night!

You probably wondered so many times how to create this memorable night of passion, especially if you are involved in a longtime relationship and you need to spice things up.

Who would’ve thought the same game you loved playing during your childhood will come in handy? “Truth or Dare” the version for adults will offer you the chance to get to know your partner a little bit partner, especially from a “sexual” point of view.

However, it’s good to know that a “Truth or Dare” challenge will keep you interested and focused only for a period, so you may want to use it more as an intro and after you obtain those “precious information” that your boy or girl refused to share, take advantage of them to explore other areas.

“Truth or Dare” Questions the “adults” Version


By going over this issue, when you decide to get into it, you’d better be doing it with another couple or even a group of couples.

It can be very fun, as long as you know exactly where to stop.

Surely it will excite you to see another couple who kisses you in front of you or whispering to each other all kinds of steamy details.

However, for some people playing the game with just one very friendly couple, it’s much easier to establish the limits of the game from the very beginning, in order to avoid things from becoming embarrassing and keep the intimate gestures without limiting yourself.

As a general tip, if you decide to play “Truth or Dare”, take it easy and if you are not sure about this, don’t do it.

Do not play the game in very intimate situations, making others feel embarrassed.


So, make a list of those questions for your boyfriend or girlfriend which will help you to know each other better and, why not, to figure out if you’re compatible or not!

  1. Where and with whom you had your first kiss?.
  2. Describe a situation when you both felt so sexually aroused that you had sex in public.
  3. What is the part of the body that you most like to your partner?.
  4. What should your partner wear during a steamy night?.
  5. How does your partner look in the genital area?.
  6. What are your sexual fantasies?.
  7. Describe your beloved breasts and nipples in the smallest detail.
  8. What is the last person you’ve stripped of?.
  9. What’s the most daring sex gesture you’ve ever done / What’s the weirdest sex act you let go of?.
  10. Has anyone ever seen you missing someone else than your partner / Has anyone caught the eye on you, surprised to be naked?.

So you must be thinking what next?

If the game was fun and you guys are laughing, you should obviously take it to the bedroom.

This game, “Truth or Challenge” may seem humiliating at first, but it’s super fun once you try it.

Fun Couple Games to Play with Your Better Half / Partner

Sometimes, being involved in a relationship can become rather “expensive”, especially if you guys are into travelling, buying nice gifts and always have dinner at five-stars joints, writes

If you are part of this particular category, you will be pleased to find out there are numerous methods of spending quality time and have fun with your better half without spending a single dime.

They are known by most people as activities for couples, or even games, but you can call them as you wish, cause in fact they are just fun and simple ideas of how you can build a stronger bond with your partner while having so much fun.

What’s even more exciting about these is the fact that you can enjoy them in the privacy of your own home, while sipping a glass of wine and enjoying a snack.

Exciting and amusing, these games might pull you out from an endless routine.

So, take advantage of the cold season by experiencing how fun dancing on a sheet of paper can be.

Fun Games to Play with Your Boyfriend / Girlfriend

couples games
couples games


#1 Couples Bucket List

Grab a piece of paper and start thinking about your trips, fun activities and achievements you have managed to do until now with your life partner.

This game is really useful because, sometimes, you forget a plan or an idea you thought about related to your common future.

#2 Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is a perfect game for couples, because you can always use the “truth” part to discover what your partner really wants from your relationship without sounding curious or annoying.

For the “dare” part, you can use as challenges.

#3 The Rating List

A therapeutic game for couples where partners learn how to compliment each other.

It’s perfect for those who are together for a long time because longtime partners tend to forget to appreciate each other more.

#4 Marco Polo

We have all played this game of marco polo when we were kids and had so much fun, but when you are in your 30s, the situation takes a whole different turn because we are talking about the “adult version”.

Keep the original concept of the game, but make sure to take the fun part of a more… intimate area.

#5 Love Pong

An app that you and your partner must join together, which will help you to know each other better.

You have 30 days free trial to your disposal and while you ask the questions, your partner must keep up with the answers.

You will be shocked how much stuff you will find out.

#6 Board Games

There are a variety of games that have appeared on the market such as charades, role-playing, Catan, Activity, Monopoly, Cluedo, Monogamy, You and Me and so much more.

#7 DIY for Couples

A great couple activity, where you will learn to co-work while learning new things and have so much fun. You can start by decorating objects, trying out new recipes, scientific experiments, recycle old objects. Youtube and Pinterest should always come in handy when it comes to this.

#8 The Test of Trust

This is often used in therapy and there are several options. From this exercise, you learn to build more confidence especially when it comes to making decisions while having the right person next to you.

#9 Karaoke

It’s great if you are into singing and dancing. You can always do this at home and pick up the songs from Youtube or you can always go out in a karaoke bar.

#10 Spend time outdoors

Organize a picnic, barbecue or go camping. This will not be boring at all, trust me.

#11 Cooking Competition

An activity in which you can practice your creativity and prepare something yummy to engorge with your better half later.

#12 Play a Video Game Together

There are games you can use on the console and others on the computer. I recommend those on the console because some also require physical activity.

For example: for tennis, you have to perform a few movements, so I would not recommend.

#13 Premises Activities

If you want to get out from the house, you can always play bowling, billiards, or ping pong, while enjoying some cocktails.

How to Pick Up Girls Without Looking Like an Idiot

Every single man or, most men, develops and perfects over time his own and best technique of picking up “broads”. If you believe you are far away from achieving this “performance”, maybe you should start considering the following tips listed in this article.

Whether the situation is awkward, maybe you’re not hanging in the right spots, maybe you are not using the right lines, maybe you don’t approach the right attitude or maybe you are simply trying with the wrong girls.

How to Pick Up Girls Without Looking Like an Idiot

This 100% Sounds Like Something Men Would Say

Before revealing our methods in terms of sparking a girl’s interest, let’s talk a little bit about the things you might be doing wrong:

Don’t try to hook up with a girl who is accompanied by more than two girlfriends: these girls are out to have some girls time, gossip and do girl stuff.

You will do nothing but interrupt them.


P.S.: the rule applies only if they are laughing and looking like they’re having a good time.

In addition, before approaching her, make eye contact and smile.

If she avoids looking at you, then things are pretty clear and you should back up or try somewhere else. Please, stop using those embarrassing pick-up lines or clichés, because you will not obtain anything but the humiliation of becoming her joke.

Just be natural, don’t try too much and go with the flow. Stay cool until you get that relaxed attitude, detached but yet interested and fun.

If everything is clear for you now, I guess that we are to proceed to the original subject.

  • Direct Approach

Spare us from those humiliating replies. All you have to do is to become detached, seem interested and smile. Ask her if she wants something to drink, then follow her reaction.

  • Ask Her if She Wants to Dance

It’s better than staying there like a dead person and bore the hell out of her.

  • Go Out with Your Female Friends, You Might be Surprised by the Results

Apparently, girls feel more attracted to the guys who hang out with other girls, especially if his female friends are laughing so hard at his jokes.


  • Use the “Advice” Tactic: Pretend Like You Want to Find Out Some Details About, Well, Anything.

Meanwhile, compliment her and start a conversation.

  • Use the “Pet” Strategy: If you are a Dog Owner, Don’t be Ashamed to Admit you have Used your Furry Friend to Pick up Pretty Girls.

It’s inevitable! Whenever a pretty girl starts playing with it, you apply your “magic”: it’s textbook!

  • Win the Rest of her Friends

If, during your “sexual safari” you going for the most beautiful “antelope” of the heard, it would be wise to never underestimate the herd’s instincts.

Her best friends are already aware of your intentions, so make sure you also win them before you make the next move on your target.

  • The Smoking Area

If you’re looking for a hook-up, the best place to start a convo is the smoking area. If you’re not a smoker, you better become one for tonight. It’s totally worth it because, there, everyone else is doing the same thing and while they smoke, an exciting way of killing time it’s always welcomed.

So, make sure you have a lighter.